Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most asked questions are below. If you don’t see your question, or want more information, please contact us directly.

Why should I hire someone for marketing? Isn't it just posting on Facebook?

Social media is part of what we do. But, there’s so much more to marketing than just saying stuff on Facebook. We apply your information to a strategic marketing plan that crosses platforms and includes your logo, brand image, reputation, and products. We can also use your marketing creative to enhance your sales process for a cohesive message across departments, which will lead to greater success for your sales team too.

But, seriously. Can't I just say stuff on Facebook? Why do I need you?

We encourage companies to handle their own social media whenever possible. We will never know as much or be as passionate about your business as you are. But, if you’re not reaching the right people at the right time, your efforts will be wasted. We want to show you how to turn your passion into prospects by creating a social media strategy that you can use. 

If I hire a marketing company, how long am I stuck with it?

While some agencies will ask you to sign a contract for long-term work, Girard Marketing Group understands the needs of small businesses and how tight the budgets are. If you are interested in an Agency of Record agreement and long-term contract, we’re happy to oblige and have several clients on contract. But, if you’re just starting out, need a little help, or want to hire us on a project basis as needed, we’re cool with that too.

I don't have a budget in mind. How much should this cost?

Each company is different and there isn’t really a set standard for how much any of this should cost. Girard Marketing Group offers competitive pricing, complimentary initial consultations, and up-front proposals with pricing included. You’ll know what you’re getting into before we start any work and we’ll continue to update you along the way should anything change. The last thing you need is another unexpected expense. We get it!

Okay, I'm in. What now?

Once you’ve decided to let us be part of your story, we’d love to hear from you! You can use the contact us formemail us, or send us a message through Facebook. We look forward to working with you!