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Small Business Marketing Strategy


Small business marketing including brand imaging, social media marketing and automation, ad planning & execution, sales training, graphic design, video production, voice over services, and more.

Small Business Public Relations

Public Relations

Your personal and business reputation lay the foundation for your success. GmG specializes in media relations and reputation management for SMB.

Event Production

Event Planning

From local to national, small to large-scale, Girard Marketing Group has documented success in Sponsorship Sales, Business Development, Planning, and Execution.

What we offer

What We Offer

Girard Marketing Group is a small business marketing firm offering marketing strategy, public relations, event planning, and sales to small and large businesses. Our team can create and execute marketing strategies to reach your goals, or consult with your internal team to guide your existing strategy. We have proven results in business development and sponsorship sales. We can take a hands-on approach to handling your marketing needs or a consultative approach to get you started on your own.

Why We're Different

Girard Marketing Group spends time with each client to find out what they really need, what has worked before, and what is more important to them. We can work within almost any budget to help your small business gain a competitive advantage or plan and promote special events and large scale conferences. At Girard Marketing Group, we care about your business and its success and will work with you, not for you. We will believe in your story as much as you do and stay with you every step of the way.

Meet our Past and Present Clients

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American Association of Timeshare Owners
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